About Me

Espe Garcia

Creative Arts Counsellor.

PgCert Integrative Art Psychotherapy, PCert in Counselling using the Arts, Dip Therapeutic & Educational Application of the Arts

I am a Creative Counsellor, What do I mean by this?

I work in an integrative and creative way.

My theoretical orientation is developing to integrate different perspectives from, theories and professionals of the field, to a cohesive approach. I am drawn to the theories of my field, Arts therapy, and my personal interest for a holistic and mindful approach in therapy. The therapeutic relationship between, client, counsellor and creativity is at the core of my practise; the theoretic perspective of the five relational model of Clarkson, Self-psychology, Gestalt theory and Transactional Analysis in the Humanistic approach and the experiential techniques of mindfulness using the arts .

I have an integrative humanistic person -centred approach, where I work on the base that every individual is different and unique, bringing to the therapy a distinctive experience of life. I encourage my clients to take courage and trust the creative process as a path to walk in the therapeutic space.

In the Counselling sessions I create a safe environment, for you to explore whatever needs your attention in this point in your life.

I have been working with vulnerable adults for the last 5 years, I run Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and creative workshops for elderly. Recently, I have developed my career as a challenging behaviour trainer in a residential care setting , please contact me for any further details.

Espe Garcia

Creative Arts Counsellor.

Email: hegatherapies@gmail.com

Mobile: 07938013195