Salamander C5 Light

SalamanderC5-Lite, Grand Piano SoundFont v2.7 (SF2 version)

  • 24.5 MB (versus 1.12GB!sFz; or 650MB sf2)

  • Very close to the original sound quality.

  • New: 7 velocity layers!: 1."ppp", 2."pp", 3."p", 4."mp", 5."mf", 6."f", 7."ff-fff". (MuseScore compatible)

  • All samples are looped.

  • 16 bit, 44.1kHz Sample Rate.

  • Free for personal use.

You DO NOT have permission to "sell", or "repackage and sell" this soundfont in part or in whole.

Download ==> SalamanderC5-Lite (15.2Mb in zip file; 24.5MB uncompressed.)

Original samples and library here and free:
Original Creator's Web Site: "
salamander-grandpiano" : 1.12GiB uncompressed (SFZ version) - CCA3.0 Licence // PS: As of 4.3.2022, this is now public domain!

Sound Demos

from MIDI (compressed ogg file)

from MIDI (compressed ogg file)

from MIDI (compressed ogg file)