Aegean Symphonic Orchestra

"Aegean Symphonic Orchestra" v2.2 (SF2 version)

  • for use in Orchestral Classical Music Works (with Musescore).
  • Based on Virtual Playing Orchestra 2 (sFz) "Similar to Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra"
  • Almost the same sound quality.
  • All sustained samples (re)looped.
  • All important parameters are carefully adjusted.
  • Excellent usability in both fast and slow passages. (important!)
  • More balanced than the original. (Balance adjustment was made for each sample and instrument)
  • 352MB (approx.)
  • Main Preset Bank is GM compatible (Bank 0), plus: extended with extra banks.
  • Real Solo "pizzicato" banks (Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass).
  • Sordino/Dark Instrument banks for all instruments (imitated with parameters).
  • instruments.xml is included. (for Musescore)
  • 16 bit, 44.1kHz Sample Rate.
  • Free for personal use.

You DO NOT have permission to "sell, or repackage and sell" this soundfont in part or in whole .

Download: AegeanSymphonicOrchestra Soundfont from Googledrive. (266Mb in 7zip file; 352MB uncompressed.)

Original samples and library here and free:

Original Creator's Web Site: "" : 680MB uncompressed (Original SFZ version) -Multiple CC Licences.

Percussion and Drums: SGM-v2.01 (Shan's Website)

Sound Demos

MIDI File Export (compressed ogg file)

(from Internet:

MuseScore Export (compressed ogg file)


MuseScore Export (compressed ogg file)

(My own transcription, for testing.)

MuseScore Export (compressed ogg file)

(My own arrangement, for testing.)

Instrument List

Aegean Symphonic Orchestra - Instrument List

Recommended Settings (for Musescore)

Strings (and Other) Instrument Section Settings (for Musescore)

In GM, all Strings Ensemble is on the 3 separate sound presets: String Ensemble, Pizzicato Strings, Tremolo Strings, .

Of course we have these sections in our SoundFont (for GM Compatibility). And you can play all the music tuned in this way without ever changing it. But to get a better sound: we need to set them seperately: Violins, Violas, Celli, Basses

Option 1: (easy) If you specified the "ASO-Instruments.xml" file path in Preferences: Right click on staff and select "Change Instrument". (included in file)

By this way: The instruments and articulations you select will be generated automatically in the mixer.

And with "Staff Text Properties" you can easily switch between articulations.

PS: Don't forget to press the OK button in the bottom right corner of the window after making the change!

Option 2 [not recommended] : (Hard way) Select every Instrument in mixer; individually (See the pictures below).

Legal Notice: There is no (real) actual orchestra called "Aegean Symphonic Orchestra" at the time this soundfont was created (2017-03-12 ~2017-07-23). If an orchestra is formed after this date, it can not claim any rights over this soundfont.

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