Community Hall Use

The church makes the building available for the use of its members (for non-fee-based activities), civic and non-profit organizations of Hebron and the surrounding area without charge. For all other uses, please request a schedule of rates from the church office or select the link below. Tables and chairs are also available for rent. The community room is made available through the courtesy of the church as an act of goodwill. The expenses are met mostly through the church's members and contributions received from users.

To reserve dates, please contact the church office at (603) 744-5883 or

The forms listed below may be viewed by selecting one of the links or by clicking on the "pop-out" square (square with a diagonal arrow) in the upper right-hand corner of the form you wish to view. By selecting the "pop-out" square, the selected form will open in a different browser window.

HebronChurchCommHallRules (rev 11-22-17).pdf