Route Changes

Any changes made to either HOEW or Arden Way routes, since the publication of the 2012 Guide, will be notified in this section.

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Currently a section of the HoEW footpath has been closed whilst enabling works are undertaken prior to commencement of the HS2 construction work. During the progress of the project changes may be made to the diversion route. Currently after leaving Berkswell via the board walk the onward path through to the A452 has been closed. Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has recommended the above diversion route.

North to South:

1. Just before the open field turn right following the footpath across the field to and through the narrow neck of the woods. Continue following the right hedge to the top of the slope and turn left between the twin line of fences.

2. Follow the path across the line of HS2 and continue to take the gated exit to the A452. Cross the dual carriageway, turning left to follow the footpath along the opposite carriageway.

3. After 250m take the stile on the right. Cross the field to take the railway bridge then follow the right hedge. At the field corner, go through the hedge gap and turn left to follow the hedge to take the stile to Wootton Lane.

4. Turn right along the lane and take the 1st gate left and follow the right hedge. Take the next gate and keep straight ahead to take the next gate. To re-join the HoEW, turn right and slightly left, down the field to take the gate.

South to North:

5. Leave the field by the left-hand corner gate, at the top of the slope. Continue straight ahead taking the next gate and follow the left hedge, taking the gate to Wootton Lane.

4. Turn right and take the stile left and follow the right hedge to turn right through the gap. Follow the left hedge, cross the railway bridge, and continue straight ahead to take the stile to the A452. Turn left follow the footpath as far as the gate in the central reservation.

3. Cross the dual carriageway, turn left along the footpath and take the gate right into the field. Now follow the directions to take the fenced path across the line of HS2.

2. At the end of the path turn right, now follow the footpath continuing through the woods and enter the large field. Follow the footpath across the field, bearing left into woods to re-join the HoEW.

1. At the footpath junction turn left to follow the board walk to Berkswell.


HS2 Diversion - May 2020

Berkswell Parish Council contacted us over the HS2 temporary diversion noting that the ‘map diversion’ was not on our website.

The HS2 Contractor has now commenced the proper works.

Bucks Head Farm / Bourne House

We have been advised of a temporary diversion between Bucks Head Farm and Bourne House. Its work to divert a gas main before the main Hs2 work commences. Its signed on the ground and, as indicated, will last until November.

Preston Bagot Diversion

The footpath, approximately 385 metres in length, has now been diverted and is now 411 metres in length. Warwickshire County Council, in its order of 7th Jan 2020, described it as being 'in the interests of the owner of the land...' and 'expedient that the line of the path should be diverted.' .

A new Marlow pedestrian gate will be installed at point F. The new route will have an available width of 3 metres.

Berkswell and HS2 (Park Lane)

Following communications with Solihull MBC, we have been advised that Park Lane has been closed to both pedestrians and traffic.

To give continuity to the HoEW, walkers may follow Lavender Hall Lane to the A452 in Balsall Common, where it could connect back to the HoEW via Wotton Green Lane, or turn off the Lane earlier to take a ROW footpath directly to the Old Saracens Head.

HS2 have a community engagement contact setup to resolve issues - Freephone: 08081 434 434, email , and by post FREEPOST, HS2 Community Engagement

Rerouting of HoEW at Dorsington to Permissive Path

The Heart of England Way has been re-routed onto a new footpath between points A and B (near Dorsington village) by permission of the Heart of England Forest Charity. Please follow HOEW signs on red route.

The new route uses an attractive permissive footpath and has been comprehensively signed with marker posts and notices. (the old route used a bridleway that in winter always became very muddy and unpleasant)

Travelling east from point B, follow the track and minor road until your reach Dorsington Road.

Ordnance Survey have been informed of the changes. When we get authorisation in writing from the Forest Trust agreeing to the permissive path, then Ordnance Survey will be able to reflect this on maps.

17th August 2015

Today we successfully put up the new waymarking arrows to mark the change of route on the outskirts of Lichfield. We put up 5 pairs of waymarks to direct people on to the Hatherton Canal towpath.

You may wish to make a small diversion to take a look at the Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust's Heritage Towpath Trail.

Walking south along HOEW, on reaching junction of Quarry Hills Lane and Tamworth Road (A51), cross diagonally to right and into Cricket Lane, where the entrance to the Trail is on the left.

Walking north along HOEW, after crossing A38 road bridge, cross to left side of A51 and take track down to canal trackbed and trail. At Cricket Lane, turn right and right onto A51 to cross over to Quarry Hills Lane.

Following the trackbed and trail avoids walking a section of A51, but does require the A51 to be crossed 3 times (at Quarry Hills Lane, roadbridge across A38, past Horse & Jockey), instead of once.

In June 2015, our warden co-ordinator visited the site and was impressed with the work being done to restore the canal.

To learn more about the Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust, go to

18th June 2015

By using the towpath of the newly restored Hatherton Canal towpath a section of road walking along the busy A51 has been removed, on the southern outskirts of Lichfield. Do look at for further details.

The Hatherton Canal Trust is also very pleased that we have chosen to use a section of the canal towpath. It is mutually beneficial and gives credence to both organisations. The section of canal towpath that HOEW route can use, can be found
here (scroll to right of map).