Public Relations

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Additional Activities (Benchmark IV)

You will need documentation from this current school year (2018-2019) that details information about the HEART Grant and your involvement. Examples may include an article in your local newspaper, school board meeting, district newsletter, school newsletter, website article, etc.

This may also be a group effort with other teachers in your building or district. If this is done as a group, only one person needs to submit the documentation. All members of the group must have an active role for this activity.

Documentation - using the form below, please upload any agendas, sign-in sheets, pictures, or presentations that support this activity. PDF copies only and please label your file with your name, activity, and date. Up to 5 files may be downloaded.

Note - you will need a google account (email) to upload documents. Items may be downloaded from your computer or other devices, along with google drive.

HEART Teachers Documentation

Below you can view your documentation that you have uploaded to this section of the ERN.