Looking after our Guests

Hosts need to be honest with their guests without alarming them. Overseas tourists are generally aware of local conditions, whichever country they are visiting, and they as well us up-country visitors need to be vigilant and know they should take certain safety precautions. However, reminders or advice specific to Hout Bay and Llandudno will assist in making their stay here all the more pleasant – and safe.

Tips for hosts

Please advise your guests that:

  • Watchcon’s number 021 790 9333 should be the first port of call in case of a criminal incident. Watchcon has the contact details of a large number of foreign language speakers, including diverse languages such as Welsh and Croatian, who can assist guests who have fallen foul of criminal activity.
  • They should not carry handbags and expensive equipment on the beach.
  • They should avoid leaving anything lying around in their cars.
  • It’s preferable to take a reputable and official taxi back to their accommodation at night, rather than walking.
  • They should avoid drawing cash from ATMs after dark or after hours.

Useful Contacts for Tourists

Tourist Victim Support Programme

Cape Town Tourism has an efficient Tourist Victim support Programme, which assists with medical attention, document recovery and re-issuing of travel documents. They can be reached on 021 487 4820 or 021 487 6552.

Download a Cape Town Toolkit and/or Safety in Cape Town for your guests

Ensuring our guests’ safety is a high priority. Any incidents involving up-country or overseas visitors to our valley could severely impact on tourism, which is one of Hout Bay’s major sources of income. HBNW's annual Beach Safety Project operates from mid-December to mid-January and has proved to be very successful in keeping our visitors safe.