Donations needed!

Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch exists to benefit EVERYONE.

We work to ensure safety for all and while our assistance is not dependent upon a person’s ability to pay a subscription, we do, however, require and welcome donations from Hout Bay residents and businesses alike. These donations are used to support the running costs of the Watchcon Control Room, Radio Network and also to increase the coverage of our CCTV Camera system. And HBNW has formulated an Integrated Community Safety Plan to make Hout Bay a safer place for all.

Integrated Community Safety Plan - What is it?

It is all about working together effectively to Detect, Alert and Respond to crime. This plan provides a detailed roadmap, driven by the community, to suppress crime and improve community safety. It interlinks ALL the community safety role players and defines how we work together. All role players have a variety of supporting technical systems at their disposal with HBNW Watchcon providing the central communication centre, at the heart of it all.

So we need to ensure that HBNWatchcon has the best equipment and required resources to support the coordination of any type of response, be it a disaster (e.g. fire), security related or even during times of civil unrest;

Everybody can contribute and you do not need to belong to Neighbourhood Watch in order to do so. Here are some options for your donations:

1. Set up a regular direct deposit - here are our Banking Details:

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Hout Bay

Branch code: 167 609

Account type: Cheque

Account No: 167 602 9133

Account name: Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch

Please send a notice of your payment to or use your Business name or Name AND cell number as a reference, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

HBNW Debit Order Form_HBNW.pdf

2. Download and make use of our HBNW Debit Order Form

3. Use SnapScan. You can now make safe and secure donations to us in seconds!

SnapScan is a mobile payment system that uses a ‘QR’ code for payment of goods, services and for making voluntary donations from your cell phone. Simply download the SnapScan App onto your smartphone and register for the service – takes less than 1 minute! Then scan this QR code with your phone, enter the amount and donation done!

4. Get a HBNW loyalty card from our ever supportive Hout Bay Spar in Victoria Avenue.

Every time you swipe this card a portion of your purchases will be donated to HBNW and Watchcon.

5. Advertise - if you would like to advertise on this website click here to find out more.

Help us to help you, make a donation today – thank you very much!