Neighborhood Security and Safety

Warning signs for Gang Activity

The Bloomington Police Department provided these "Warning signs for Gang Activity" and asked that they be disseminated...

Police say if you are worried a youth may be involved in gang activity, or has been approached about gang activity; there are several signs to look for, including:

  • A sudden change in friends

  • A serious change in behavior

  • Purchasing clothes of all one color

  • Changing into a different set of clothes once away from the house

  • Sudden asset gain

  • Signs of tobacco, alcohol or drug use

  • Use of gang graffiti, symbols or slang

  • Excessive disciplinary referrals at school

  • Sudden negative police contact

  • Staying out late

  • A change in the areas they frequent

  • Emulation of gang behavior on social network sites.

If you need to contact the Bloomington Police to report a problem, an ordnance violation, suspicious activity or have other safety or security concerns, you can use the hot line 309-820-8888, e-mail address or 911 (emergency only, please). Also, please let a HHHA Board Member or HHHA Neighborhood Watch know of your concerns and we will act on them as well.

Additional Security & Safety Items

  • REMINDER: The vast majority of ALL Bloomington's automobile burglaries are to unlocked vehicles. Please LOCK YOUR VEHICLE anytime it is parked, even in your driveway or outside of your residence's garage.

  • Home safety tips

  • Tips to Prevent Vehicle Break-ins


  • Winter Weather Tips and Tactics

  • Salting/Plowing Request (City of Bloomington): During regular weekday work hours, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Public Works Department should be called at 434-2225. During after hours, you may call the non-emergency number for the Bloomington Police Department at 820-8888. The Bloomington Police Department will contact a Public Works Department Supervisor for salting/plowing requests.