Project Collaborators

The How Arguments Work Student Contribution Contest

Contest Lead

Anna Mills has taught English at City College of San Francisco since 2005 and serves as the English Discipline Lead for the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges OER Initiative.

Textbook Collaborators

See the How Arguments Work About the Authors and Editors page for more about California community college English instructors Dylan Altman, Ryan Hitch, Darya Myers, Edward Mahoney, Allison Murray, Kathleen Nelson, Natalie Peterkin, Tina Sander, Sarah Sullivan, Cynthia Spence, Alexander Sterling, and Saramanda Swigart.

Textbook Funder

The textbook How Arguments Work: A Guide to Writing and Analyzing Texts in College was developed with the support of the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges OER Initiative, which subsequently funded two more rounds of additions to the text.

Research Sponsor and Funder

In July 2022, Anna Mills was awarded an OER Research Fellowship to survey students through this contest. The OER Research Fellowships are sponsored by the OpenEd Group and funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Textbook Platform

The textbook is hosted on the LibreTexts OER platform, funded by the Department of Education. LibreTexts provides the infrastructure for student submissions of built-in Hypothesis annotations.


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