Membership Info

Benefits of Membership:

HLMYC members have access to club equipment and enjoy free guidance on: assembly of boats, sailing principles, racing rules and strategy, and lake side etiquette. The Club By-Laws, which list duties of club officers, as well as the privileges and responsibilities of members, are available upon request.

Membership Dues:

Adults: $25/year. Late-season registration of $15 for those joining after July 1st, and $5 for those joining after Oct. 1st.

Juniors (14 years or younger): $15/year. Late-season registration is $10 for those joining after July 1st, and $5.00 for those joining after Oct. 1st.

Given the low cost of our dues, we're using a cash accounting system rather than incurring the cost of a checking account. Dues, when accompanied by a filled out and signed Membership Registration Form, may be paid to any officer at a regatta, at one of the off-season membership meetings, or by mail with a check payable to the club Secretary/Treasurer: Chuck Drake, 4719 Devonshire Street, Boulder, CO 80301.

Membership Registration Form:

All members are required to fill out and sign the Harper Lake Model Yacht Club Membership Registration Form. These forms are usually available at the lake from the club Secretary or Commodore, or if you have a printer at home, clicking on the following link will open a PDF file containing the form: Link to HLMYC Membership Registration Form PDF File.

AMYA Membership:

Membership in the American Model Yacht Association (AMYA) is strongly encouraged as an excellent means of learning this sport. Membership forms and information are available online at the official AMYA website, or you may contact Michelle Dannenhoffer, the AMYA Membership Secretary, directly at 888-237-9524 (Toll-Free) or by email to: