Harding Township Zoning Inspector, Kristin Anderson, routinely inspects our township to make sure residents are in compliance with our zoning regulations. If you need a building permit or have a zoning question, please contact Kristin.

Our Zoning Resolution is available here for reading on your computer. It is in pdf format, which most web browsers can read without a problem. If you find that you need a pdf reader to pull up this document, please click here for a free download.

Lucas county AREIS property information link

Harding Township Map

Zoning Resolution

Please click here for the Harding Township Zoning Resolution.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Our zoning regulations include an appeal process for residents to use where appropriate. Requests for a zoning variance and other items are handled by the township Board of Zoning Appeals. For detailed information on what types of appeals may be made and how to proceed, please refer to the Harding Township Zoning Resolution .

Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes (Please click here)

All minutes require a pdf reader in order to be viewed. Most internet browsers have a pdf reader built in, but if you need one, please click here for a free download of a pdf reader program.

We are in the process of moving the archive of trustee and zoning minutes to the website. Please be patient as we work through this process. Until such time as all minutes are available online, you may request a hard copy from the Fiscal Officer.

The Zoning Commission meets quarterly on the third Tuesday at 7 p.m. Dates and times for public hearings and other special meetings in addition to our regular meetings are published in the Key Shoppers' News. All meetings are open to the public.