Our arts

At the core of Herakati za Waasi are 52 Blocks and the Capoeira. In addition to these arts, we also study African stick-fighting arts such as Naboot (i.e., Tahtib)–a Northeast African style of stick-fighting, and Zulu stick-fighting. As our training is on-going, we are constantly studying the martial traditions of various societies, with the goal of both expanding our martial knowledge, and deepening our mastery.


For more information about Capoeira, visit our page for the Chicago Malandros: http://chicagomalandros.com.

Choy Lay Fut

Choy Lay Fut relies upon agile footwork and dynamic body mechanics in order to generate striking power. Choy Lay Fut practitioners seek to overwhelm their opponents using a barrage of continuous and devastating strikes. At the core of Choy Lay Fut are the Ten Elements, ten techniques that form the foundation for this combat system. Choy Lay Fut also relies upon its Ten Gates Theory, which identifies ten primary targets that are critical for ensuring victory in combat. Additionally, Herakati za Waasi Martial Arts incorporates weapons that are not traditional to Choy Lay Fut such as the stick and knife, in addition to grappling in order to train well-rounded fighters.