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Engineering, Testing, & Analysis

Hapeman can perform an wide array of in-house product and environmental testing, or if the situation calls for it, design a custom solution to meet your needs!

For over 20 years, we have produced countless automated tests and control stations for a variety of applications, allowing projects to be both efficient and environmentally-friendly.

From testing, to data analysis, to panel assembly and wiring, Hapeman can engineer what you need to get the job done.

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Intelimation™, a SCADA design and our flagship software, is an automation and testing data acquisition suite.

Our program enables the user to connect to a wide array of data acquisition devices, and displays live data in a user-friendly manner. Methods for displaying data include: labels, buttons, graphs, grids, lights, switches, sliders, as well as many others.

Data can be recorded in various ways, and statistical analysis can be run on said data at time of recording or given an Intelimation™ recording file after the the testing is complete. Layers of programming and scripting then lie on top of the data acquisition layer and allow more comprehensive control and automation of the entire DAQ system. This allows for scripting control based on time, value, stabilization, PID control, range limits, and many other forms of metering.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Hapeman provides reverse engineering! In many cases, an old print was not updated or cannot be located. We can reverse-engineer production equipment or test stations, improving your existing operation. We also offer machine retrofitting for out-of-date and obsolete controls - after evaluating your machine, we can fix old controls or retrofit new ones.

We not only offer service and support for your existing equipment – we are also experts at engineering new equipment!

With decades of combined problem-solving experience, we can repair or re-engineer faulty parts and software. We can identify an unknown problem, and we can engineer an efficient and creative solution!

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Products & Services