Preserving our architectural past

Current planning campaigns

We remain concerned about the number of planning applications in the Hanwell Village Green Conservation Area, which are are contrary to the policies set out in the Conservation Area Management Plan.

The most recent applications which we have been successful in objecting to will not preserve or enhance the Conservation Area and would significantly alter the open space character and lead to overdevelopment. Many thanks to everyone who has commented on all these proposals.

We have an update on the long standing 178 Church Road saga - an arts and crafts house, still in near-original condition, which a developer has been trying to demolish and replace with a development out of keeping with the Conservation Area. Through the heroic efforts of Jeanette, Dominique and volunteers, we influenced the Council to ask the developer to commission an independent heritage report on the house. The report (quite rightly) gave strong reasons to support retention of this house, rather than allow the re-development of the site. The application has now been withdrawn by the developer (before the Council could refuse it). No doubt, the story continues....

Next up, the new development behind St Mary's Church has been refused, thanks again to the thoughtful responses by local residents.

Finally, some excellent news for residents of Golden Manor and Alwyne Road who have been objecting to another inappropriate development on the land to the rear of 1 Golden Manor. This is another long-running saga with different applications and a failed appeal to the Planning Inspectorate by the developer. Recently, our efforts to object almost came to a sad end when the planning officer granted approval. However, thanks to Jeanette (again!) and local residents efforts, the application was sent to the Planning Committee where it was refused 8 votes to 3. A report can be read here. We expect this may well go back to the Planning Inspectorate... so this story will continue too.

Ealing Council's Review of Conservation Areas

Watch this space. Ealing Council will soon be launching a consultation on its Conservation Areas. The informal information we have received ahead of the consultation is extremely concerning. At a time, when the Government is relaxing its planning laws, this is a time when we ought to be protecting our heritage and our green spaces. Our initial reaction is set out in the document below, but be prepared - we'll need your support to protect what is so dear to us. Watch this space!

Conservation Area Report.docx