Hannah's Bio

Hannah Moloney is an Academic Therapist trained through the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center in the Sounds In Syllables (SIS) Multistory Language Therapy Approach. She has a background in Sociology and Psychology as a graduate of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a former private school administrator, and current assistant Montessori preschool teacher and fiction writer.

Hannah maintains a private Academic Therapy practice, serving students of all ages -- from the mildly involved to the severely learning disabled. She believes that literacy is key to participating in and contributing to some of the most fundamental, valuable, and beautiful parts of life. Hannah knows that literacy is a human right that should be accessible to and enjoyed by all.

As a dyslexic learner herself, and having received SIS intervention starting in 3rd grade, Hannah has a unique perspective and an attuned empathy to the experience of the students she helps. She and other successful and capable dyslexics are evidence that little can stand in the way of achieving your dreams if you have the will, dedication, and opportunity to work for them.