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Thank goodness people trust Bob's Handyman & Repair to hang their art and cherished family portraits! Excuse the terminology, but there is an"Art" to this. And some tricks we hope help you should you want to start planning and or DIY it with Picture Hanging Kits . Not only have we been hanging heavy art and mirrors for over 20 years, but I was actually a stained glass artist from way back and now enjoy dabbling in the medium of alcohol inks with, my gal Holly, who turned me onto it after she made it her medium of choice about 5 years ago. She's pretty artsy in her own right! Check out her work at and watch for more of our joint projects soon on and our HOPE site.

OK back to your project!

Depending on how many objects or photos or print you have you can look to design your wall accordingly, whether it be a focal point in the center or asymmetrical plan, an entire wall of special moments, memories. It's good to know quantity and favorites going in. Decide on a format and style you like that accommodates this.

  • What is your feature, favorite or focal point, if any?

  • Focus on how edges line up or align in centers, be it vertically or horizontally.

  • Spacing is an element to consider as well... consistency is probably your friend!

  • Do you have a mix of items, odd shapes? ledge shelves?

  • Are you still adding to your collection or have a growing family? You may wish to account for matching frames and a bit of extra room.

  • Do you enjoy an eclectic, Bohemian feel or is clean and lean your preferred style?

  • Are you factoring for a sawtooth hanger or a wire on the back of pictures? Measure and space accordingly

  • Are there oversized or heavy items like mirrors, glass or resin? These will need a stud and /or mollies to support the weight, but they don't always fall where you think you'd like to center your item, so you may need a stud finder to determine a safe place and often heavy items use 2 screws.

  • Do you need specialty art lighting? (We do that, too! )

Example layouts can be planned out roughly on the floor first, then on the wall with painter's tape or large sticky pads. Again, you can DIY picture hanging, especially if its a single, or 2, but its important you don't risk them loosening, falling down. Another reason to hire a pro, guesswork misaligned, and have to keep adding holes to your wall. As we say in the trade , measure twice cut once, same thing applies, though even once you think you've got your plan, you might like to try a few different layouts. No worries, holes are fairly easy to patch.

Here are some fun out-of-the-box ideas to jog your creativity too.

Don't forget to visit Amazon for frames, picture shelves and more. For enlargements and unique surfaces like metal or acrylic prints, visit our preferred providers, Mixbook or Canvas Champs. They have great specials, too!

If you wish to avoid "HANGING YOURSELF"... Call Bob when you're ready to roll. 949 305 8189



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