Dream Bathrooms

It's interesting to watch trends for upscale homes and those with either a vintage flare or contemporary style are embracing the "barn door" style shower enclosure. These stylish hanging glass doors work for for both showers and tub enclosures and come in a several finishes to match your other bathroom fixtures. The barn-door shower glass should be installed by a professional handyman or contractor to ensure good fit and protection form leaks and dangerous material tweaks. Shower doors vs shower curtains tend to elevate bath and add value to your home as a permanent upgrade. Add artful soft goods to complement your style. If you wish you may order from Amazon prime for quick shipment and be ready for us to install in just a few days. Call Handy Bob for bathroom tune ups, faucet and light fixtures as well as our favorite, ultimate in exhaust fans and heat lamps. Turn your bath into your highly functional, personal shangri-la! 949 305 8189

Bathroom Tune Ups!

Bob's Handyman & Repair get some its best reviews from customers who've enjoyed our famous "Bathroom Tune-ups". While it's nice to have a stylish new faucet or shower door, it's also important to keep your floors, walls, toilets and fixtures safe from accidents, mold and rust. This might entail applying new silicone or fixing ugly, cracked grout, tightening or replacing a old/loose toilet seats, installing upgraded fixtures, knobs, lighting and grab bars. Ask about out Seniors specials on bathroom tune-ups!

Form and Function

No matter what your style, there seems to be a plethora of bathroom design ideas and resources. We love Pinterest for design inspiration. If you're considering an upgrade your existing bathroom fixtures, lighting, tile or planning an entire remodel, we hope you'll allow us to help or refer you to quality products and alliances. If you'd like truly custom or artisan tiling we recommend our friends over at Renwick Tiles. Their tiles are beautifully handcrafted and fully functional in all kitchen, bath and restaurant settings. we do tiles too, but ours are strictly art tiles.

Mold and Mildeeeew !

Among the less glamorous of our product favorites is one I use often and can help reduce moisture and assist in mold remediation, and provide daily support atmospheres with high humidity. Its a simple product that works extremely well that literally sucks the moisture out of the air, wood and drywall. Check out these moisture absorbing products, see if any will help you! It also helps to have a good exhaust fan. We sure hope you never have a leak or flood, but if you live along the coast or in humid climate you might even enjoy a mini dehumidifier for daily use.

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A few of the aforementioned bathroom products.