That's a wrap on Hand-Drawn Gaming

Hand-Drawn Gaming was a year long newsletter that was sent out to subscribers via Patreon. Each issue was an 8 page look at a particular game that included all original artwork, tips, maps, strategies and even some personal memories. It was a successful run but it was time for me to move onto the next thing. Hopefully there will be something to share soon! Keep an eye out!

The Original Unofficial Guides, for FREE!

Relive some of your favorite classic game franchises in a whole new way with Hand-Drawn Game Guides free fan art filled PDF guides. You'll be blasting your way through the vile Red Falcon's armies, getting revenge for your father, rescuing the princess and exterminating a whole species like a pro. These are not for sale or affiliated with the respective companies that created these games. They're fan art. Just like all the other fan created pieces of media that exist out in the world.

Official Hand-Drawn Game Guides Collaborations!

Witch n' Wiz

Witch n' Wiz is a new game by creator Matt Hughson for the NES. It features over 100 levels of clever puzzles. Hand-Drawn Game Guides has created a large 18x24 poster included with Limited Run Games' Deluxe edition!


Cathedral is a retro style nonlinear action game by Decemberborn Interactive. Hand-Drawn Game Guides has created an explorer's manual for Premium Edition Games' Switch release of Cathedral. It covers the first hours of the game!

Game Reflections

Every year for over a decade I've tracked every game I've finished. This year I wanted to start something new where I take a moment to write up some thoughts and make an illustration for each game that I've completed. These are less a review and more just gathering thoughts on the experience around the game. It's a bit of an experiment for now and could change as time rolls on. This section will be updated frequently throughout the year.