Child Support

Child support is part of a divorce, marital separation, dissolution of marriage, annulment, determination of parentage or dissolution of a civil union and may supplement alimony arrangements. Child support is the ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial support of a child. The family lawyers of The Hamilton Law Firm, with their many years of real world experience working with child support issues can help you seek and receive a very fair child support settlement.

Modification of court orders

When there are significant changes in circumstances, which make a person unable to comply with a prior court order, a modification of that court order, primarily involving the payment of alimony and child support, may be requested. A visitation problem due to a change of residence is also a very common modification request, where the court can modify all or part of a prior order. The Hamilton Law Firm has successfully handled a great number of modifications, helping our clients find relieve from an impossible or unworkable court order.

Contempt or enforcement of court orders

Failing to comply with a court order can result in a contempt action brought asking the court to order the non-compliant party to comply. Repayment of all or part of the attorney fees related to the lawsuit can be required, and in extreme cases, the court could send the non-compliant party to jail. If you fail to comply with a court order, you could be facing contempt or enforcement actions.