Seal of Biliteracy

Hawai‘i State Seal of Biliteracy

The Hawai‘i State Board of Education established a Seal of Biliteracy to be awarded upon graduation to public and public charter high school students who demonstrate a high proficiency in both of the state's two official languages (English and Hawaiian) OR either of the state’s two official languages and at least one additional language, including American Sign Language.


The Global Seal of Biliteracy

At schools outside of the Hawai'i DOE and charter school students can apply for the Global Seal of Biliteracy. "The Global Seal of Biliteracy™ is a credential that celebrates language skills and expands future opportunities for its recipients. Proficiency in multiple languages has tremendous value in today’s global economy. According to Ipsos Public Affairs, over 90% of surveyed employers cite a strong and growing demand for foreign language skills. The Global Seal of Biliteracy’s powerful three-step pathway recognizes the value of differing levels of language fluency. Each certification level serves a meaningful purpose in our increasingly diverse communities and leads to stronger intercultural relationships."