Working papers

"Misspecified Forecasts and Myopia in an Estimated New Keynesian Model" (updated draft)

"Wealth Effects, Price Markups, and the Neo-Fisherian Hypothesis" with Marco Airaudo

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Working Paper No. 21-27, Online Appendix

Work in progress

"Consistent Expectations Equilibria with Imperfect Common Knowledge: Implications for the Forward Guidance Puzzle" with Marco Airaudo (draft coming soon)

"Predictable Forecast Errors in Full-Information Rational Expectations Models with Regime Shifts" with André Kurmann (draft coming soon)

"Monetary Policy and Asset Prices with Infinite Horizon Learning" with Marco Airaudo (draft coming soon)


Consistent Expectations Equilibria in Markov Regime Switching Models and Inflation Dynamics with Marco Airaudo, November 2021, International Economic Review, 62(4), 1401-1430.

Other research - Mathematics

"The Fundamental Group of SO(n) Via Quotients of Braid Groups" with Orlin Stoytchev (submitted)