Haishi "Harry" Li

Assistant Professor in Economics, HKU Business School, the University of Hong Kong

I received my PhD from the University of Chicago in 2021. Former postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Commerce and Diplomacy, UCSD GPS.

I focus my research on analyzing, both theoretically and empirically, how economic shocks and natural disasters propagate in the international economy to affect well-being and carry policy implications. I develop complex quantitative international trade and macroeconomic models, and take advantage of different empirical settings with exogeneous variations.

Research interests: International trade, international macroeconomics, regional economics

Email: haishili@hku.hk

Job market paper

[NEW VERSION!] Multinational Production and Global Shock Propagation during the Great Recession, [NEW] SSRN, CESifo WP, talk at VITM PhD workshop (video)

Winner of the RoWE Young Economists Prize at the 22nd European Trade Study Group (ETSG) Annual Conference

Working papers

The Employment Consequences of Anti-Dumping Tariffs: Lessons from Brazil, with Gustavo de Souza, SSRN

[NEW VERSION!] We Are All in the Same Boat: Cross-Border Spillovers of Climate Shocks Through International Trade and Supply Chain, with Alan Xiaochen Feng, and Yulin Wang, CESifo WP, IMF WP. Revise and Resubmit at the Economic Journal

[NEW PAPAER!] Robots, Tools, and Jobs: Evidence from Brazilian Labor Markets, with Gustavo de Souza, Chicago Fed WP


(Trade) War and Peace: How to Impose International Trade Sanctions, with Gustavo de Souza, Naiyuan Hu, and Yuan Mei, Journal of Monetary Economics, journal link, SSRN

The Life-Cycle Dynamics of Exporters and Multinational Firms, with Anna Gumpert, Andreas Moxnes, Natalia Ramondo, and Felix Tintelnot, Journal of International Economics, September 2020, journal link 

Hedging House Price Risk in China, with Jia He and Jing Wu, Real Estate Economics, January 2016, journal link