Bound by Ancestors: Immigration, Credit Frictions, and Global Supply Chain Formation with Jaerim Choi and Jay Hyun

Journal of International Economics, January 2024

NBER conference - International Fragmentation, Supply Chains, and Financial Frictions  (March 2023)

Working Papers

Shock Propagation within Multisector Firms with Jay Hyun and Vladimir Smirnyagin

Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

The Cleanup of US Manufacturing through Pollution Offshoring with Jaerim Choi, Jay Hyun, and Gueyon Kim

NBER conference - Environment and Energy Economics Program Meeting  (March 2023)

The Covid CEO Shecession: Evidence from 10 Million US Firms with Ming-Chieh Chang

What Explains the 2020-2021 Drop in Employment? with Ming-Chieh Chang

Trade Adjustment: Establishment-Level Evidence

The Credit Channel of Housing Wealth Shock Propagation

Works in Progress

The China Shock: A Machine Learning Approach with Anna Baiardi and Andrea Naghi

Machine learning application to the China shock. We are using Double Machine Learning to study ATE and Causal Forest to study HTE.

Large Language Model for Index Reconstruction with Chung-Chi Chen, Ren Huang, Jacky Yeh

Machine learning application to denoise the influential Economic Policy Uncertainty using Large Language Model.

Progress report is here.

Within-Firm Trade Allocation

Within-Industry Plant Size Variations

CEO Gender Gaps

Gender Trade Gap

Great Labor Flows Recession

Flattening of US Firms

Machine Learning & NLP (Econ-related) Publication (In machine learning, proceeding publications are formal publications.)

Unsupervised Discovery of Firm-Level Variables in Earnings Call Transcript Embeddings with Daniel Edmiston

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing 2020