Loot, Palawadan, and everything


Welcome to Testifye's Istan Profit Model

After spending plenty of time enjoying the new farming methods in Domain of Istan, I kept seeing many similar questions about how best to farm the events and how much gold one could expect to make there. In trying to answer these questions for myself, I decided to build a functioning model in Google Sheets, usable by anyone, that could calculate net profit from the Palawadan and Great Hall events. This model accounts for all sources of loot during those events, and uses my own research on drop rates for each source to calculate the net profit.

I built this website to accomplish several objectives:

  • Explain what you need to do to farm Istan.
  • Explain how to use the model.
  • Explain the research behind the model.
  • Serve as a repository for the model and any future updates.
  • Allow other users to submit their own drop rate research on items like Unidentified Gear, Supply Stashes, and more, for the purpose of improving the data sample the model uses to calculate profit.

I'll cover each topic at some length. For those who are unfamiliar with farming Istan, you can start with the links below for an overview of how to do it.

I hope this site and the model help you in some small way! You can find me leading the "RAID JOKO" groups in Istan on my warrior "Kima Vysoren" (subtle wink and nod to all you critters out there).

Good luck and have fun!

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Get the Model: How to Use It

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Data Submissions: Trophy Shipments

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