dôsen ji

be a light onto yourself with no reliance on any other authority


DOSENJI (l'ermitage) is a virtual zen temple dedicated to the practice of zen in all three aspects of body, speech and mind (physiology, psychology and ontology). Although separate in appearance, these three aspects of our lives have a common root : not understanding reality as it is.

BODY : The toxicity of the environment - among which nutrition - leads to an explosion of autoimmune diseases, allergies, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular deseases. Doctors may hide the symptoms for some time, but the real cure happens when we find the cause, and the cause of the cause. Only when the cause is understood will our way of life, our hygiene and eating habits naturally and automatically change.

SPEECH. But the causes are rooted in our cravings and habits. Rather than forcing ourselves to new habits or ascetism, a better approach is to find out the reasons of these cravings. When found and realized, things change by themselves naturally and automatically. Don't expect any long term solution from new beliefs, knowledge or gurus. It all start with observing the mind.

MIND is the root cause of our problems in life, but also of our liberation. Misderstanding the mind brings about biased psychologigical attitudes which, in turn, manifest in physical problems. On the other hand, understanding mind (also called, liberation, relization, enlightenment) is the ultimate relief and perfect happiness.

THREE ZEN PRACTICES : body (health), speech (emotions) and mind (ontology), cover most of our difficulties in life. When our flawed perceptions are realized, they are naturally and automatically replaced by a correct perception of things as they are. Starting at the mind level may take time and practice, but after some time, emotions are liberated and don't hamper health. Conversally, we can also start at the body level, and then go deeper into emotions, until understanding the mind.