My Desk

As of 01/31/2021

Hello Spacenoids!! Sorry eveyoen been working on getting a job, working on my "coffee table" and and try to update and upload videos, as well being a full time dad. lol the life goes on! Trying to get legal stuff worked out with the coffee table till then that is all i can say. I hope all is good, it been hard with money as of late, if you can Share and or donate to my GOFUNDME. I try really hard to keep myself going. Thank you all spacenoides! Get into your ZONE!!!

As of 10/22/2020

Hello Spacenoids!!! Just did the Auction over the weekend and wanted you guys to know about the next one coming up soon for the month of November. So I got new kits coming in. Also update on prices for the auction this is to make sure about covering costs. I always try to give you the lowest price possible. So starting bid price went up, and the shipping cost went down. Have a good one Spacenoids and see ya soon!!!!

As of 09/22/2020

Hey everyone I say this with a broken heart but today is my last live stream as I will not be able to take anytime out of anything because.

Well, I am flat broke I can not get or have to no a veil kept my unemployment, and my Michigan health insurance is cancelled as well, to boot me a little more my back just popped again and hurt really bad i sit here now in a brace I have for myself my gf has not been working because she gets bad headache and can not do anything. So I need your help!! Anything you can do would greatly help.. I am about to lose my house. I am sorry to put this on you my friends and followers but if you can help me i would be so grateful!! Also my car is about to fail my ex switched the school program so i have to teacher her and can not get a job because i have to be with her.

As of 09/11/2020

HELLO SPACENOIDS!!!!! Just a update auction is now running at least every two months now. A lot more news on the way make sure to check the INSTAGRAM account more more infomation on news and other gunpla stuff.

Still working on my gundam wing after century kits. -Joe

As of 05/01/2020

Hey everyone!! Hope everyone is staying inside these last weeks. I have been better just a update on me, I am getting tested for it well, waiting to get my second test really and now my back is giving out. So now i need to find a new job again. Well, really I will be starting a GOFUNDME soon to help me with all the medical bills I been getting as well my car is about to die so yeah 2020 has been a weird one for us all. I updated the showcase with a new person, check it out. Also sad to say but is was the right call to close the GBMC 2020 down till next year.. I will be posting more information as I look into a little more. I know there is some rule changes going on as well because of it. I am doing a LIVE BUILD DAY today at 9pm eastern time today . SO look at the calendar for more information on that. Everyone have a good day and remember get into your zone!!

As of 03/18/2020

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing good... I will be trying to be more on the computer and more on my website updating all the kits as well as pictures and reviews of all the kits I have done, as well I have started buying made kits as part of the "no kit left behind" campaign I am doing. I will rate the kits from whom I get them from. Mind you, I will not be unfair as some people were just not into building kits. But that is not the point it is that this hobby is to make you feel better and have something you take pride in. There is no bad gunpla just bad attitudes from builders. Everyone does the best, and I can see that. Have a good one, and make sure to note. Every time I do one of these posts I will change the picture to what I have on the desk at the time. Thanks and have a safe day everyone!

As of 10/20/2019

So as of today, I will be doing a show at 9pm eastern time zone. on my Instagram account. I will be starting another page on this website to showcase the videos if I can, I will try to. The show will showcase, the old gunpla and the odd, and we will be having fun while doing them. Make sure to check the video page for more information as it grows thanks for the following!!

As of 8/19/2019

So now that my work seems want to cut my ot, I will be able to make more updates to the site and work that I do. Get ready, cause I am about to hit this road, going mach 2!

This is your Sunday report. As of 7/7/2019

These are brief news statements that may have happened though the week with GUNDAMCURATOR.COM and other sites, and events that happen. I will try to give you guys news as I hear it on this Channel, make sure to always check out our other social media channels as well, to be more informed in Gundam, Gunpla, and GUNDAMCURATOR.

On thursday of last week they Bandai Hobby, on facebook released first photos of the Gundam "beyond" line. It looks just to be alter color versions of the gunpla. I will be looking forward more then just this, bring gundam wing to the universe century. All news of this event can be seen on Bandai facebook page. Its where I read it and seen most if not all my information.

Probably, a bigger update that day was during this 40th anniversary event is that of a live action gundam film. Not to say anything bad about the other version gundam live action (cough- g-savior). It was not that it was bad, it was not the story that we knew. We wanted the old story just live action. To say the least, I look forward to seeing this, I really can not wait to see what the gundam or/and gunpla looks like!!