Currenting Working my 9 to 5

So I am currently working my job which is taking a lot out of me, sorry for not updating.

I am working on getting my idea off the ground "coffee table"

I am still responding to DM and making special IGTV live on Saturdays (when i can)

Hope to see you all soon. But when I get back you better be ready.

Will you be ready for SEASON 6 of The Gundam Curator ?

Will you raise to the CHALLAGE I WILL bring??


Alright I am back!! With NEW news and New ideas!!!!!!!

So here we go!!!

I am making a SUPPORT THE BUILD fundraiser of sorts. So you donate 10$ to a build I am working on. With that 10$ you get to have a private chat with me on the build. You get to pick/change/or desotry the part of the gundam. RULES WILL BE ON PAGE PER GUNDAM. Each piece of the Gundam able to be figured or color schemes may happen. EACH DONATION** AFFECTS THE KIT!!! (**until max donation is reached for the kit, per kit.)

All these kits here are for sale. Make a offer. All my kits are made to be on display and are not supposed to move, this is my art you are paying for. Some of these kits are not ready, and more will posted later . IT never hurts to ask! These are to be sold to help me in this hard time! UPDATED PICTURES WILL COME LATER JUST TRYING TO GET THIS ALL ON THE WEBSITE


SORRY EVERYONE! Been taking a break from the auction to help myself! I am really trying to get by these last couple months and it has been really hard. Thank you all who have supported me already and continue to do so!! You are SPACENOIDS though and though! So I am working on a goal. I wish I can say more but i can not. thank you all have a great day!!

If you wish to help with this idea and beyond , please click here>>>>>>GoFundMe

The outpour of love from everyone is amazing!!! You all are SPACENOIDS in my eye!

Auction is on hold until I am done with a current project I do not want to rush anything just to have one. Also the project I am working on is a important one for me and will be the future of this site and channel and shows. Thank you again for the love and support you give and countine to spread though here and other places.

last auction,

These are the rules and terms for the AUCTION that happens on: TBA

When and What:


    • Starts at 8AM (eastern time zone)

    • One kit per LIVE (1 HOUR)

    • Follow HASHTAG #gundamauction #gundamauction2021

    • Each kit: TBA


*If only a donated kit(s) are given and talked about. This does not apply to every auction hosted.

*So big news today!!! For every bid, that is made on a kit will enter you 1 once (1 TICKET) into the WINNING WHEEL

* Winning a auction kit gives you 2 more tickets for the wheel.

* Winning a auction kit, as well as winning the winning wheel kit, and not paying for the auctioned kit will result in winning wheel kit being given to another.

*At the end of the auction all TICKETS will be counted per account user,

*Those TICKETS will hold a place on the wheel, THE WINNER GETS TBA (this is from a person who will remain nameless)

* Winner of this will be announced the next following day!

* Winners can only be in the lower 48 states (sorry)

* This kit and the WHINNING WHEEL are from someone who is donating there time and money for this kit. Shipping is covered by him.

Example on how this works:

*GUY1 one, is the first to bid on kit, he gets 1 ticket, then GUY2 two, comes in and bids higher then GUY1,

* Right now guy one and guy two have 1 ticket each.

*GUY1 bids again and gets another 1 ticket

*GUY1 wins auction with 4 tickets, one for each bid, and 2 tickets for winning the auction. GUY1 (4 tickets) GUY2 (1 Ticket)

How to BID for live:

      • Each kit starting bid is $25 (USD)

      • Each bid must be a $1 raise (NO CHANGE) if you put change in the amount, does not count.

      • The more the price goes up per kit, more gets donated to TBA

Shipping: (comes from Michigan, USA)

      • Shipping for the lower 48 USA is $9 USD per kit for shipping

      • Anywhere else the BUYER pays what that will be.


      • After the Auction you have 24hrs to make notice of payment with me.

      • Please message me on Instagram.

      • If no attempt or lack of funds within 24hrs, or failure to communicate with me, your bid will be forfeit.

      • If any kit does not sell or its bid becomes forfeit, then kit will be set away for a later date.

      • Payment is via PayPal,


Each kit is checked then sealed, they are "as is".

Any question about kits in the auction please message me on INSTAGRAM. Since the auction is on LIVE all information will be handled on that platform.

Please make payments VIA PAYPAL

Each box will be sent VIA UPS

I make sure my packages are in peak conduction when sent and wrapped better then anyone else.

Items "not in stock" are items that are on their way though shipping right now, that will be used in the auction. Please take note that the date on when the auction will posted when these items come into stock.


One of our Gunpla Family is having a hard time. Please be one and join in with one of these links. You already have helped by stopping by, and clicking the links. Spread the word. Let this spread more then that damm virus. Lets be spacenoids! Get into your Zone!

-Thanks again, with all the love ,Gundam Curator-Joe


These kits are not for sale just yet or have sold!!