One of our Gunpla Family is having a hard time. Please look at all these people who want to help him. Please be one and join in with one of these links. You already have helped by stopping by, and clicking the links. Spread the word. Let this spread more then that damm virus. Lets be spacenoids! Get into your Zone!

-Thanks again, Gundam Curator.

GoFundMe or PayPal direct too

OldSchoolGunpla -giveaway MG Wing 01 EW (check for details)

Gunpla Ronin - giveaway Katana (check for details)

Tewzaju2 - giveway Kits (check for details)

Phil_builds_stuff - CHARITY SILENT PANTING AUCTION INBOUND. ( Check link for details)

Chris Pabz - Giveaway (check link details)

and more to come......

  • all these giveaways and events are not hosted or ran by me or anyone one person for events/giveaways. I am not layabe for anything that happens in these giveaways or have any voice in who wins. This is a notice to all for them who can help a person who needs us.