Gryphon Engineering & Technology

Gryphon Engineering & Technology provides multi-disciplinary Product Development services for a variety of high-tech industries. Our team of Hardware, Software, Certification and Compliance Engineers are capable of supporting your team through all aspects of Product Design and Certification to deliver a product that meets all applicable industry standards both in the US and abroad.

Our design solutions are compliant with all applicable industry standards, including ISO and IEC requirements relevant to your product. Gryphon Engineering & Technology has designed and provided support for projects meeting the following organizations and standards: Medical Device Directive (MDD), Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA), European Community (CE), Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

For Aerospace, Biotechnical, Electronics, Automotive or Alternative Energy Industries - our group is committed to providing all our customers with standardized, yet innovative solutions that will exceed expectations - with exceptional services and products delivered on-time, with 100% Quality Acceptance.