Welcome to GroTrees. Started in 2007 by the Rotary Club of Chatswood Sunrise, this project aims to green the planet one tree at a time! We are partnered with Landcare Australia, firstly at Bingara in northern NSW, then at Teralba near Lake Macquarie and currently (2021) at Lithgow. From 2021 GroTrees has become a project of the Rotary Club of North Ryde.

In that first year, we had gone to Willoughby City Council proposing that we might once again plant trees in the local community as we had done for the bicentenary. (This had been a small grove below the Willoughby Leisure Centre.) The Council thought it had enough trees in the area and suggested we contact Landcare at Bingara. Why Bingara, I hear you ask? Well, the two communities had strong ties following support by Willoughby for Bingara during a severe drought season in that area. some years before.

So it was thus that we began. The plantings took place in the grounds of Bingara Central School by Year 1 (2007) students:

Year 1, 2007 The same students in Year 7, 2014

(At that time the project was called "RoTrees." Like the pun? Competing with the "Rotary" brand was frowned upon in official circles, so we added the "G." )

When the local Council took over from Landcare, we moved our focus to Teralba. Eventually that grove was completed and Lithgow-Oberon Landcare are our current hosts.

Still interested?

Firstly, check out the PowerPoint presentation in the next section of this Google site: "Introducing GroTrees"

Then go to "GroTrees and your Rotary Club."