Erin K. Grey

Brandon Henry

PhD Student

Brandon Henry is starting a PhD in Biological Sciences in Fall 2021. Stay tuned for more details on him!

Reni Truhtcheva-Owikoti

MS Student

Reni is interested in science and technology because these areas are the motor changing our environment and our understanding of it. She is particularly interested in genetics and proteins. She is currently using mesocosm experiments and RNAseq to quantify the effects of common pesticides on dragonfly nymph gene expression.


John Stechly

MS Student

John is interested in using genetics as a tool for conservation. His thesis explores eDNA applications in mammals, especially felids. He is also interested in bioinformatics, parasitology, epidemiology, reproductive technology, and wildlife ecology.


Diana Acosta

MS Student

Diana is interested in molecular biology, microbiology, ecology, and conservation. She is using metagenomics and qPCR to study diatoms associated with the green algae Cladophora in the Great Lakes.

Ian Birchler de Allende

Undergrad Researcher

Ian is a rising junior in the UMaine Marine Sciences program. He's optimizing eRNA extraction methods and sequencing nudibranch mitochondria genomes.

Jessica Hayden

Undergrad Researcher

Jessica is a rising senior in the UMaine Molecular & Biomedical Sciences program and a Maine Top Scholar. She is culturing, sequencing, and exploring the distribution of aquatic chytrid fungi throughout Maine.

Peter Avis


Peter Avis is an Associate Professor of Biology at Indiana University Northwest and Cooperating Associate Professor at the University of Maine. We collaborate on a variety of projects ranging from aquatic fungi to eelgrass beds.

Check out the Avis lab here:


Aaron West BS - PhD student in Biology at the University of Kentucky

Rachel Guthrie - Graduate student in Biology at Governors State University

Malik David, Biology BS - Physical Therapy PhD student at Governors State University

Jennifer Nguy, Biology BS - microbiologist at Voyant Beauty

Andrea Fuentes, Biology BS - Medical Technology program student at Kankakee Community College

Nathaniel Dahlberg, Biology BS - Graduate student at Southern Mississippi

Melissa Franco, Biology BS - Blue crab population genetics

Yuri Lopez, Biology BS - lab technician at Vitalant

Neftali Ibarra, Biology BS - Pesticide effects on odonate nymphs