Grey Aquatics Lab

Erin Grey posing on the Great Wall of China on a sunny day.

Welcome to the Grey Aquatics Lab website!

We do research in ecology, genetics, aquatic invertebrates, and non-indigenous species in all sorts of habitats. If you are interested in undergraduate or graduate research opportunities, please explore this site, the UMaine School of Biology and Ecology, and Maine-eDNA and then email me at erin.grey <at>

Lab members posing over a dunes outlook during a sunny summer day at the Indiana Dunes National Park. From left, Xiara Moreno, Aaron West, Erin Grey, John Stechly, Jennifer Nguy, Malik Davis.A map of sites sampled during the 2019 summer Calumet Marsh eDNA survey study.Erin, Reni, and Tim Gsell posing in front of Reni's research poster at Argonne National Laboratories.A female Green Darner, Anax junius, dragonfly.Malik David and Jennifer Nguy working in the lab.Aaron West and Malik David working at a field site.John Stechly holding up a White Rive crayfish, Procambarus acutus, at a field site.A Painted Turtle, Chrysemys picta, at a field site.Scenic picture of a hemi-marsh on a sunny day.John Stechly taking a eDNA sample from a hemi-marsh on a sunny day.From right, lab members John Stechly, Erin Grey, Xiara Moreno with collaborator Zhaojung Wang overlooking the scenery at Cornell University.Sign posted on a fence saying "Restoration in Progress".