Product Endorsement

Some of the products I love using as a gardener...

SeeHow. The Garden Design Tool

I find SeeHow invaluable when planning which plants to add to your garden. It comes in a lovely faux leather folder A5 size. Read on for the full details and where to order a copy...

SeeHow: Garden Design Tool

Developed as a design-guide to help you see when your garden plants will flower, SeeHow created the Plantstick. Plantsticks show the colours of individual plants - how and when they grow and flower throughout the calendar-year.

Each Plantstick illustrates the lifecycle of a plant drawn on to a 12 month calendar grid allowing a glimpse into the future of your garden and the life-cycle of the plant over the calendar year, specifically focussing on the flowering months and dominant colour. Combine Plantsticks to create planting options and your unique garden colour-calendar. 

They are arranged in a 'library' by flower colour, starting with white, followed by pink, red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange. This allows similar coloured plants to be easily compared visually, without any botanical knowledge being required. The plant names are noted on the coloured endtabs and also on the reverse, where the key plant information in provided.

Please visit SeeHow directly to order your copy.

Imperium Organics

All Purpose Liquid Concentrate

An organic growth stimulant for flowers, shrubs, fruit and veg in pots or beds.

Imperium Organics plant stimulant supplies all the amino acids and peptides your plants need to revive, survive and thrive, the natural way. 

Free of synthetic chemicals and fertiliser, Imperium Organics is 100% plant based, GM Free and full of natural goodness making it suitable for vegan, vegetarian and organic growers. 

It's the perfect product for gardens buzzing with children, pets and wildlife. It has an excellent safety profile and works with nature to maximise plant health and encourage wildlife in the garden. 

Please visit Imperium Organics directly for more information or to order.


Their fast-acting growth stimulant gets to work immediately, breathing new life and strength into stressed plants overnight.

Revive. Survive. Thrive.

Child, pet and wildlife friendly. 


Regular feeding will boost plant health and fitness and build protection against stressful growing conditions.