Meet with working astroparticle physicists, learn computer-programming skills, and analyze actual astronomical observations.


The SFSU Masterclass is a year-long course where high school students can learn about astroparticle physics through remote lectures and hands-on analysis of real data from various cosmic ray telescopes.

The participating students are able to meet working astroparticle physicists, learn computer-programming skills, and grasp cutting-edge scientific concepts and discoveries.

Hello! - My name is Oscar Macias, I am an assistant professor at San Francisco State University and the founder of the "SFSU MasterClass" program.  This is an initiative oriented towards increasing equality in Physics and Astronomy.

I aim to help students of all colors and backgrounds to bring their whole selves to the learning, exploration, and discovery of the universe.

Middle and High Schools Enrolled in the MasterClass

Institución Educativa Benilda Valencia 

This is a Middle School located in the rural area of Don Matías, Colombia. We kick-started the GRAPPA MasterClass with 23 highly-motivated students, and a few more have recently joined. The first semester of the MasterClass has been devoted to learn basic concepts about astrophysics and make the students familiar with the night sky. 

Institución Educativa Miguel Valencia 

This is a High School in the village "El Verdul", located in the municipality of El Jardin, Colombia. Most kids in this high school live in small nearby farms, where they help their parents plant and harvest coffee beans. Before the MasterClass started, a few students said that they feared math, and claimed that numbers only worked in the city. Now, they are starting to fully appreciate the importance of physics, maths, and coding for their daily lives.