Grant Park Community Garden

on Grant Street SE in Atlanta, GA

About the Garden

The Basics

GPCG Grant St is located on a private, vacant lot on the south end of Grant Street SE in Atlanta, GA (see location below). Half of the cultivated area in the garden consists of Household Plots, and half is made up of Plant-A-Row Plots, where members work together to grow food for donation to local organizations that feed folks in need.

There are 25 Household Plots, approximately 10' by 3', and 15 Plant-A-Row Plots as of the 2020 growing season. The garden's Plant-A-Row stewards grew and donated more than 400 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit per year in 2019-2021.


The garden was started when a group of Grant Park residents leased the property in May 2011 and spent a hot summer removing kudzu and ferociously invasive Johnson grass, installing terraced beds, water tanks, composting areas, and trails. Many hours of work were also performed by volunteer groups organized by the Atlanta Community Food Bank. During the 2011/2012 winter, the group farmed cold-weather crops like greens, turnips, garlic and cabbage, most of which were donated to Atlanta Community Food Bank agencies. Private plots were leased out to neighbors starting in the spring of 2012 in addition to the areas that support food grown for donation. Flower, herb and fruit plantings have also been added to the garden.

The participants have a variety of past gardening experiences. All have agreed to use only organic fertilizers or pesticides in their cultivation efforts. Part of the garden’s reward is not only that tomato or kale that you produce, but the new acquaintances you make and the sense of community that evolves from shared goals around what was once an overgrown hill.


The Grant Park Community Garden on Grant Street is a project under the umbrella of the Land Use and Zoning Committee of the Grant Park Neighborhood Association. To learn more about GPNA visit


The Grant Park Community Garden on Grant Street is one of two community gardens in the neighborhood. It is located between 964 and 970 Grant St SE near The Beacon and the future Beltline Southside Trail. From Kendrick Ave SE, it is the second entrance on the left.

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CompostNow links anyone who produces food waste with organizations that need that material in the form of compost. Households, offices, and food service organizations sign up to have their compostables picked up weekly by CompostNow. They can choose to send portions of the end product of their compostables to garden partners. That's us! If you use Compost Now, please consider selecting us to share compost.

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