Serving the Surface Creek Area of Colorado

Many of the reservoirs on the Grand Mesa are more than a century. During the past few decades water storage on the Mesa has been decreasing because old dams need expensive repairs that cannot be afforded by their owners. This loss in storage comes at a time of increasing demand for water resources. The GMWCD has undertaken the rehabilitation of old reservoirs in order to preserve storage capacity on the Grand Mesa.

The GMWCD currently owns five reservoirs and delivers 400 acre feet (AF) to its users in an average year. About 10% of this water is for municipal use and the rest is used for agriculture. The GMWCD has a conditional storage decree fro 25,000 AF of water. Revenue to the GMWCD consists of an ad valorem tax of 0.643 mil and income from augmentations water sales and water leases.

The Grand Mesa Water Conservancy District is sometimes informally referred to as the “District”, but should not be confused with the Delta Water Conservation District or District 40 of the Colorado Department of Water Resources, both of which work closely with the GMWCD.