Grace Logan

About Me

My name is Grace Logan. I am a senior at Oxford High School. This is my third year on the Charger staff. I served as a sports writer the 2017-2018 school year and the sports editor 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years. I am the only female sports writer for the publication and obtained the role of sports editor concluding my sophomore year. I also serve as the social media editor. I am one of the award writers for the Grammy Museum contest in 2015. I was selected as one of the finalist in the creative writing category and invited to attend the grand opening of the museum in the Delta. I was selected by previous teachers to be a support editor for our peers at the high school and provide feedback to students on their writing. I was the only sophomore selected. I was a finalist for the MSPA sports story of the year in 2018. I ran for SIPA president at the 2019 spring conference on March 1-3. I was honored with being inducted in the Hall of Fame last year for MSPA. I attended the School of the New York Times during the summer 2019 where I learned and was edited by former New York Times reporter and current Business Insider Editor Erica Berenstein and New York Times and Vogue India freelancer Chaya Babu.

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How Journalism has affected my life

Scholastic media has allowed me to grow in my writing skills but also social and personable qualities that I will forever be grateful for. Through developing friendships with my fellow staff members to interacting with my community, my public speaking skills and leadership qualities have dramatically grown. Going into my sophomore year, I was a timid young girl who loved to write and read about sports. I learned quickly that bashfulness will get me nowhere in becoming the writer I dreamed of being. Throughout my first year, I became open to new and interesting stories; I developed an eye for photography and how to look at the world through a lens; and I learned how to create graphics with Adobe Illustrator that please the eye. In a matter of months, I had advanced my writing skills to a level worthy of the stature that of The Charger. Becoming an editor as a junior made me quickly learn leadership skills that are needed to maintain stability in a section. Because of being so young and still new to the staff, I had learned how to gain respect from the fellow sports writers through maturity and understanding. While at first it took some time to gain that respect as an editor rather than the young writer my fellow staff members saw me as, I believe we have all grown together and worked out our differences which makes for a great sport section and a great staff. As I progress through my senior year and plan for my future, I look back at where I was as a writer and as a person in 2017 to the young woman I am now in 2020. Scholastic Media has allowed me to express who I am through my writing and photographs. I have also expanded my leadership roles from editor to class representative, nominee for SIPA President, Homecoming Maid, delegate for my school at the Rotary Youth Leadership conference, and so many more things. Because of my experiences at conferences like NSPA, SIPA, and MSPA, I have developed my relationships with fellow students that could be colleagues one day. This past summer I attended the School of the New York Times where I spent two weeks in an immersive course learning how to report in a big city. Without the influence of print journalism, I would not have done the things I am experiencing today. As for future endeavors, I will be attending the University of Mississippi and majoring in International Studies. I hope to become a publicist one day. I look forward to continuing my path in journalism and am determined to follow my dreams of working in the journalism community in a true and honest way.

Our Social Media

I obtained the role "social media editor" as a sophomore and since have worked to grow The Charger's social media presence. Because we are a high school newspaper, social media is crucial to our targeted audience. As a teenager, I know our demographic cares about Instagram and other social media apps and therefore have worked to try and slowly increase our "aesthetic" that would be popular among high schoolers. It is important to advertise and market to the audience in order to receive the feedback we want from our readers. Social media has been a way to interact with our student body and post about events around the school but also among our staff. We post about our staff to show our followers who and what our staff is. Being personable is something that high school readers want. Rather than acting as though we are "just the writers", we want to show that we are also fellow students. With that, social media is a great way to market to our audience.

Reflection from School of the New York Times