Angels Over Berlin

Not every angel is terrible

There are good angels and bad angels

One must learn to distinguish

There are angels that stand at the door of the dead

They've only come to take us home

Still we fear their company

Angels who sit and wait

their hands in their golden laps

for us to make a mistake

then rush in where all others

fear to tread

Bad angels lead us astray

into gleaming gardens of fake flowers

Know a bad angel by his charm

and by his sense of humour

The good in bright armour

clank about the sky

throttle nightmares

and thrust man-hungry demons down to hell

The best pity us

weep for our sins

Sit down beside us in our sorrow

and touch us with gentle hands

They carry our love - that heavy burden

All the way up the sky

And bring us gifts we cannot see or touch

and do not value much and cast away

Then spread their wings

a canopy of light above our sleep


from Berlin Elegies

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