You are there behind my eyelids forever...

You Are There Behind My Eyelids Forever is a semi-autobiographical novel set in the gritty world of uptown New York in the 1970s, and an erotic, dizzying, frankly feminist coming of age story.

Three New Poetry Books

Beauty Has a Thousand Faces - Selected Poems 

Tender, fierce and beautifully crafted, this is a rich selection of poems chosen from the past four decades. Tragical, comical, thoughtful, ironic, they touch on themes such as love both temporal and spiritual, beauty and terror, sorrow and delight.

Worm Bug Feather - One Hundred Very Short Poems

One hundred very short poems on as many things as there are to notice under the sun, under the moon, and within the human heart. A language crystalline and glittering brings attention to everything from a split apple to the inevitability of death. 

Thelonious Magpie - A Book of Found Poems

Thelonious Magpie flits about, snatching up all the fine, shiny words and refashioning them to her own taste and purpose. Then riffs freely and fancifully, like the finest jazz. These poems are taken from many diverse sources, including online forums, advertising copy, journals, letters, interviews and texts both literary and otherwise. A book to discover the rich language lurking in unlikely places. 


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