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A semi-autobiographical novel set in the gritty world of uptown New York in the 1970s and an erotic, dizzying, frankly feminist coming of age story.

'Now we are not two but one transparent thing, an octopus of light moving in the underwater darkness.' Set against the backdrop of the depraved and glamourous New York of the early 1970s, this is the story of Rose, a young girl who endures incest and violence at the hands of her father, and flees into a dangerous love affair with an older man. But Anton, son of a perished Nazi fighter pilot, has problems of his own. Together they experience both delicious thrills and frightening excesses: bliss and fear, sadness and loss, confusion and despair. The novel moves with great subtlety through time and space, blending elements of myth, story-telling, memory and alternate reality to create a powerful and kaleidoscopic world of its own. A book for the #metoo era, full of real insights into the horrors of physical and sexual abuse, as well as ferocious humour and an unquenchable spirit.

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