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We are excited to see the ongoing growth and development of the Florida Green Party and we are eager to build Green alternatives here in Florida and for the planet! There is much to do from educational and outreach material, base-building events and nitty-gritty administration, so everybody can play a part whether you volunteer, donate, or spread the word you can be the change we need to see in the world!

For those who are able, we would like to invite you to set-up a modest monthly donation that will allow us to provide resources and support for the projects that will reach new people and advocate for Green values. Even just a few dollars monthly says that you are invested in a better tomorrow and those small donations keep our website, meetings, and outreach going strong. Thank you for making great things possible!

To prevent dark money, The Florida Department of State - Division of Elections requires that we report a name and a mailing address with every donation as well as the occupation and employer from anyone donating more than $200 in a year. You will be prompted for these details on the following form.

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