Green Party of Florida

Our Annual Membership Meeting is July 6-7. Won't you join us? 😀 (See Presidential Primary/AMM page for details).

The GPFL Coordinating Committee has decided to include all six candidates that are recognized by the GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee as, "actively seeking the Green Party nomination," on the Green Party of Florida Presidential Primary ballot. Those candidates are: Jill Stein, Jasmine Sherman, Jorge Zavala, Randy Toler, Davi, and Robert Cooke IV. There will also be a choice for "None of the above" (NOTA).

The show is broadcast in Hillsborough County on TBCN on Thursday evenings at 8pm and repeats Sundays at 8pm. Please visit our website or Facebook page for more information on the show and where to watch. Links are below

Guests for this episode are: Kellie Dupree, Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, and Toni Van Pelt, the Institute for Science and Human Values.

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