Why Choose Us?

Getting action in 3 simple steps

  1. Sign up for @GO_YYZ
  2. RSVP when an invite is sent
  3. Show up and have fun!

i'm just looking for now!

Yeah, and you will STILL be horny later. Hedge your bets and sign up so when you ARE horny later, you have some guaranteed action!

discretion & Privacy is #1

You email and photos are protected and not shared to with the public.

  • Emails are sent via professional mailing list
  • Photos and stats are LOCKED behind members website
  • Details on members site CANNOT be forwarded to non-members

Wasted nights

Have you wasted a night when your hook up...

  • Couldn't get hard
  • Over exaggerated his 8" piece
  • Sent old pics and he's really out of shape
  • Finished in under 5 minutes

Never worry about a guy's performance @go_yyz...

Just hop on another ride, then another ride...

Avoid Awkward Moments

Imagine, you are in the middle of some hot action and the top tries to just "slip it in". You have to stop him and explain that you prefer protected sex. He says, he prefers BB. Will he continue with a protection? Will you get the action you wanted? Do you feel pressured to play BB?

@GO_YYZ, it is assumed everyone is using condoms. Period. Standard Operating Procedures in place!

Creature Comforts

Sure sex clubs are fun to meet new guys. They also have dirty floors. There isn't really anywhere to play comfortably.


  • Dirty
  • Awkward hook up spots with too many hard surfaces
  • Take your sweaty mess with you
  • Mix of guys who may not be as fit as you desire
  • All are invited - Dates and locations published
  • Waiting for hours for guys to show up


  • Clean atmosphere
  • Comfortable bed or couch
  • Shower and washroom facilities
  • All fit guys only (no bellies)
  • Respectful environment - "NO Thanks" means "NO Thanks"
  • Clear expectations and rules
  • Exclusive and invite only - Dates and locations are NOT published
  • NEVER advertised on Craigslist
  • Stats of guys who have RSVP are made available on the Members ONLY Website
  • Torso pics available on the Members ONLY Website
  • No waiting around hours before the guys to show up
  • Action starts within 15 minutes of arrival.
  • Snacks!

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