What do the guys look like?

As a member, you can see torso photos of the other members. No faces shown unless you wish to show your face.

Sample Members Stats:

Can I Join?

Factors that are considered:

  • Age (18+) HOT is HOT - Average age is mid 30's

  • Body Type - You are defined or better and go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week

  • Attractive Face

  • Cock size (if Top)

  • Last STI negative test (6 months or better)

  • What you bring to the group

  • Commitment to attend at least 1 event every 6 months after signing up

  • Show up when you RSVP

Green Box: What we are looking for

Red Box: This isn’t the right group for you.

Yellow Box: That depends on what else you bring to the group. Talk to the organizer.

Do I need to send nude pics?

No. We aren't collecting dick pics. You can still send them if you wish, but not required for admission to the group.

What’s Provided?

Condoms (Regular and XL), lube, mouthwash, cups for water, light snack

Can I bring poppers?

Yes. Poppers are fine.

Can I bring drugs?

No illicit drugs are allowed on site. Please don’t come to the group high.

What if i don't like the guys there?


Who are you?

I am a guy who likes to have sex with hot guys and I couldn’t find an outlet for my desires or my sexual appetite. I fit into the description of the guys coming to the group. I have been organizing these groups since July 2016.

Factors that make you NOT a good fit for this group:

  • Don't like the house rules? Don't join!

  • You have a narrow idea of what is HOT

  • Super picky

  • Need to see faces of guys before attending

  • Only like specific racial groups

  • Have a narrow age range

  • Drugs/Party and Play (PNP)

  • Bareback

  • Way over the age range

  • Not fit for your height and weight proportions

  • If you don’t want to provide an email address

  • Have no money

  • Out of date STI test

  • Have a tendency to FLAKE on plans you make with people

We are very selective. Quality over Quantity. Not everyone will be invited.

Dick pics or ass pics are welcomed but not needed unless you wish to share.

You will be contacted if you meet the requirements of the group.

**All active members have been asked to provide the same information.

Why choose Us?

This sounds like a good fit for me!

How do I sign up?