Welcome!   TEAM Ed. assists Orthodox Jewish applicants in earning university degrees.  Tuition savings, streamlined applications, schedules for Chagim and personalized curriculums. Full support from start to finish.

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For more information: (347) 313-TEAM (3826).      Whether you’re looking to complete your Special Ed. Masters, M.B.A., General Ed. Degree or if you need to complete your Bachelors, TEAM is here to guide you every step of the way. 

TEAM Ed Services does not guarantee admissions to the Universities. Only accredited universities can make final acceptance decisions based on transcripts and internal reviews. If you are not accepted for ANY reason, ALL TEAM fees are refunded. Diplomas and credentials are not granted by TEAM Ed Services; they are awarded by the accredited colleges that TEAM Ed Services works with. All coursework and academic services are provided by the universities, not by TEAM Ed Services.

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