~ MINDFULLY CRAFTED ~ Unlike many commercial-grade, factory-produced store brands, JOANNE'S BETTER BRAIN BUTTER is carefully prepared and slow-churned for up to four hours, using a wet-dry stone wheel grinder. This method enhances the power-packed flavors of the natural oils and produces that smooth, creamy-rich texture.

~ SUPPORTS HEALTHY WEIGHT PLAN ~ About one tablespoon (of any of these butters) taken up to one hour before a meal, can help decrease appetite and support a healthy weight-loss/management plan. Consult your physician or Alternative Health Professional to guide you through the process of losing and maintaining a healthy weight. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, VEGAN-, PALEO-, and KETO-Friendly. And for those of you who are eating for your BLOOD TYPE, if your blood type is O, A, or B, the ingredients in all four varieties will most likely be on your food list, Check your own food list to verify.

~ ALL BASES COVERED ~ How are we doing so far...? Have we covered all the basses...? If so, then I am confident that you'll enjoy these natural, flavor-enhanced walnut and pumpkin seed butters, made with the purest ingredients... Absolutely no fillers, thickeners, preservatives, additives or added oils.

*NOTE: Like all pure nut and seed butters, separation of natural oils from the nut and seed occurs naturally. To keep the consistency of the butter, stir when opened and keep refrigerated.