ABOUT MY "WHY" JOANNE'S BETTER BRAIN BUTTER was born out of a desire to inspire myself and others to stay on track with our health goals. For decades, I've used my body as a Food and Research Lab, when it comes to using and fusing time-tested wisdom with research-based discoveries ~ or rather, UNcoveries. AND I'm still alive to tell about it...!

IN A NUTSHELL: It would be real "nutty" of me to try and squeeze a complete TMI auto-bio into this tight box. So, in a "nutshell" ~ with several added links for MMI (Much More Information) ~ here is a condensed summary of my back story and my journey to create JOANNE'S BETTER BRAIN BUTTER.

Lovingly labeled "nuts" by most family and close friends, no offense taken... I solemnly confess that I AM an Honest-to-GOODNESS Holistic Health Nut, NON-traditional, NON-conventional, and NON-conformist to the core... that is, when it comes to most of my lifestyle choices. For the back story on this and my Healthy Weight Journey, feel free to wander over to my blog and read more about it.

DOMESTIC ENGINEER: Four Decades of Developed Expertise as a "Domestic Engineer" ~ aka, Homemaker, Stay-at-home Mom, from whence cometh all of my best and nuttiest recipe ideas. *Note: No children or subjects have been harmed (much) in my trial (and error) experiments and taste-tests ;-D Mom-Me to five adult kids. Nanna to ten grandkids. Grand-Nan to my future great grandkids. And if my Mother Ship doesn't arrive anytime before I turn 120 Earth years, I'll be Super-Nan to all of my Earthbound descendants thereinafter and maybe into the Hereafter.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: B.S. in Human Development, M.S. in Special Ed Twenty-Plus Years of Field Experience ~ Professional Classroom Manager, Edu-tainer and Substi-tutor ~ aka, Career Sub

MMI ~ MUCH MORE INFORMATION: Trance-formation Coach With the S.A.F.E. Approach ~ Self Aware Focal Exercises Visit my website here.... GO AND SEE JO.

Singer-Songwriter and Holistic Health Advocate ~ tune into my YouTube Channel here... JOriginalMuse

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