Guardian Nomad law enforcement motorcycle club

Words from the national president

I would like to thank you for checking out our webpage. Years ago when I was looking for a group of like-minded individuals to ride with, I researched many groups. One of the things I noticed was that many were “exclusive” rather then “inclusive”. In other words, to be a member, one had to ride a certain kind of bike, be a certain sex, and/or belong to a certain profession. To many, that may fit their personal requirements. And it also excludes many potential members. I was looking for a group that “includes” many. I had friends in many different public service jobs that rode many different kinds of bikes. When I found the Guardians, I realized that the club embraces professionals from all branches of past/present public service: including law enforcement, fire, EMS, military, corrections...etc. And I especially liked the fact that the club’s priorities were: Family-Job-Club, in that order. I had found a home.

The Guardian Nomads LEMC is a law-abiding, family-oriented group of public service-minded individuals that enjoy brotherhood, riding and helping other less-fortunate people. You will not see Guardians doing reckless driving, wheelies, burnouts, or committing crimes. This is a group that takes pride in who we are. I have watched the Guardians grow in size over the years and now I have “brothers and sisters” in other states across the country. If you would like more information on our group, just ask.

Most of all, I am proud to say: “I AM A GUARDIAN”.

Ride safe my friends,


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