Guardian Nomad law enforcement motorcycle club


All present/former Law Enforcement, Military, Fire Fighters and EMS are eligible. By working in these public service fields, we accept you as our brothers and sisters. Each chapter may set it's own probationary period for all public service related members and/or civilian members. By wearing the badge or military uniform, you've shown that you have what it takes. You've put in your time and we welcome you into the club.

Like minded individuals who have not worked in these fields , are encouraged to seek membership in the club. If you are service minded and want to ride with the club, send us an email and we'll meet and discuss your membership. The club reserves the right to patch non service members and /or prospect individuals we believe will be an asset to the club.

Currently there are no national dues . Each chapter may set their own dues. There is a one time membership fee . ALL PATCHES ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE GUARDIAN NOMAD LEMC AND MUST BE RETURNED IF THE MEMBER LEAVES THE CLUB FOR ANY REASON. We encourage minorities, women, and any other person who wants to belong to and ride with the GUARDIAN club.

If a new chapter wants to form, officers from the Mother Chapter (+) will meet with the individuals and discuss things over. If both sides agree to the formation of a new chapter, then each member shows proof of public service. Individuals that have not served in public service will be evaluated on a case by case basis. A law enforcement background check may be required. No chapters are formed without the consent of the Mother Chapter.

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