Guardian Nomad law enforcement motorcycle club


The Levite Priest was watching a stranger being robbed and beaten. The Samaritan asked the Priest, "Will you go to help the stranger?" The Priest , concerned with his own safety replied, "What will happen to me if I try to help him?". To that the Samaritan asked of the priest, "What will happen to him if you don't !?"

We are a family, a group, a clan, brothers and sisters from all walks of public service. Members come from law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical, and military service. We have at one time or another, devoted ourselves to protecting those around us. We are drawn and called to protect those who can not protect themselves. We defend the weak, promote justice, and encourage others to take up within themselves, the right to live free.

The Gargoyle has widely been used to symbolize a protector, a watcher, a guard, and has been used on castles all over the world. The symbols at the top of the back patch symbolize the "Sons of Abraham" and represent various religious groups here in America. As a GUARDIAN, we support peace, protection, and freedom to ALL people, regardless of their religious beliefs, race, creed, or color. We welcome diversity.

The symbols at the bottom represent from left to right: Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Military, Emergency Medical. Many of us have worked in more than one of these fields. Most are retired, former or current members of these various disciplines of public service.

Freedom Isn't Free