GMAC2020 is Returning... as GMAC2023!

It has been a very tough few years for all of us, whether in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone GMAC2020 for safety reasons due to the pandemic. Of course, this cannot be compared to the tragedy of the loss of lives, of loved ones, and of livelihoods in the past few years that many people all over the world experienced.

But, with vaccinations prevalent and many countries reopening their borders again, we are looking forward to rebuilding our lives, and in our case, to interacting with each other again to share our common passion in astronomy.

registration for the GMAC2023 academic conference is now officially closed. Stay tuned for announcements on the public events!


Note that due to renovation works at the National Planetarium, the venue for GMAC2023 has been changed to the National Science Center (Pusat Sains Negara). See venue page for more details.

Rationale and GOALS

The community of Malaysian scientists working in astronomy and astrophysics is growing, both locally and internationally. Malaysian astronomers from diverse backgrounds and career stages are now involved in research on topics ranging from solar physics and space weather, stellar evolution, star formation, black holes, to galaxy evolution and cosmology. Individual expertise includes astronomical observations and instrumentation at radio to high energy wavelengths, multi-messenger astronomy, big data and numerical simulations. Many are members of large international collaborations, while Malaysia has recently joined the East Asian Observatory with an observer status.

This convention seeks to bring together both the local and global Malaysian astronomical community for the first time, to:

  • learn about each others' research interests and ongoing projects, build networks and form long-term partnerships and research collaborations

  • discuss and formulate concrete plans to develop astronomy education and research in Malaysia at all levels, from schools to universities to observatories and government agencies

  • strengthen the network of Malaysian astronomers as a bloc to make more efficient use of our limited resources, and have a stronger influence on policy-makers and funding agencies

  • increase public visibility and awareness of the exciting research Malaysian astronomers are involved in and the available pathways towards a career in astronomy

  • connect with aspiring astronomers (i.e., school and university students, and the general public) in Malaysia to potentially inspire them, form mentoring relationships, and provide career guidance

  • celebrate our diversity through a shared passion for astronomy, together with Malaysians of all ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds

Therefore, in addition to the invited and contributed scientific/technical presentations, this event will feature considerable interactions between professional and amateur astronomers, students, the general public and relevant stakeholders through forum discussions, public lectures, meet-an-astronomer sessions, and roadshows in three other states in Malaysia.